Rolex Watch Guide

For many people the thought of owning a Rolex Watch is something that they have considered for quite a long time. A Rolex Watch means many things to many people but for all that wear them one commonality exists; it is the feeling that they own something asperational, iconic and hugely sought after. If you are thinking of buying a Rolex Watch but don't know where to begin you have come to ther right place. We have produced a guide that will help you find the Right Rolex Watch for you.

Rolex Watch Prices

Prices for A Rolex Watch can vary greatly but it is important to understand that paying less for a Rolex doesn't mean you are getting reduced quality. Like every commodity the price that any Rolex Watch commands is reflective of the demand for it in the market. Steel professional Rolex Watches are a fantastic proof of this point. If you consider that many Steel Rolex Professionals watches, such as the Steel Rolex Daytonas command a higher price on the second hand market than they are sold for initially, one can see that they demand is far outsrtipping supply leading to higher prices for they models. But are you getting an inferior watch if you are buying a Classic Steel Rolex, absolutely not- the same meticulous work has gone into producing the classic Rolex watch as has gone into producting the steel professional watch. The most important question to ask yourself before begining your search is What is my Budget. Once you have answered this question you are in a good position to start your search.

Rolex Watch Models

Rolex Watches come in all different shapes and sizes, with many different functions available too. We will produce indepth overviews of each of the main models but for simplicity we will give a mention of the main Rolex models here.
  • The Rolex Sumbariner- currently the most popular model of Rolex in the market.
  • The Rolex Daytona - a very popular more Rolex with incredible price performance.
  • The Rolex DateJust - The most widely worn Rolex in the market.
  • The Rolex Day-Date, the Rolex of Presidents and leaders the world over.
  • The Rolex Oyster Perpetual, An entry level Rolex which still packs huge appeal
  • The Rolex Air-King, A Rolex which Bridges the gap between Professional and Classic Rolex
  • The Rolex Sky-Dweller, a compelling timepiece with incredible design and utility.
  • The Rolex Sea-Dweller, The ultimate marine watch.

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