Sell my rolex

If you want to sell your Rolex / Cartier or Patek Philippe watch, you have come to the right place. The process is quick; Start by WhatsApping us on 085 7581100. Or if you don't use whatsapp you can reach us on email at

All we need from you are photos (Sample Photos below) of your watch and paperwork/box etc. The model and model number of the watch are also useful to supply. When we review the pictures/description of the watch we will revert with an offer(subject to inspection) within 24 hours during the working week. If you would like to take our offer we then arrange a physical viewing inspection.

During the physical inspection we will check that the watch's condition is consistent with the description/pictures we were sent. We offer payment either by cash or bank transfer, it is your choice. Please note if you don't want to bring the watch for inspection in person we can have the watch couriered to us. Physical inspection takes approximately 2 hours.

How to photograph your Rolex? Most smart phones have high resolution cameras capable of taking quality pictures. We are far from experts in photography but some general guidelines to follow are:Do not to use flash and don't place the watch directly under a bright light that it will reflect. If you can rest the mobile on something to reduce movement when you are taking the picture that will increase the sharpness of the picture. Focus on angles/shots that will be most helpful to us when trying to determine value, we've included details on what we'd like you to photograph below:
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The dial can tell us a lot about the watch. Usually it will indicate the brand and model and any characteristics that make the watch unique, for example in some models a blue dial may be more valuable than a black dial. It is helpful for us to see if the hands are intact and if there is any historic water/light damage.
rolex service
This helps us determine the quality of the watch and can often indicate an age range as many manufacturers change their clasps as they develop their models.
rolex service
This helps us determine how much wear the watch has had. A tight strap with very little stretch is always preferable and realises a higher value.
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Having the original box and any accessories can really add value to your watch. Please photograph anything that accompanies the watch including boxes (inner and outer where applicable), swing tags, instruction booklets, warranty booklets, bezel protectors and wallets.
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This helps us determine the general condition of the case and any buttons that might be present including the crown.
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Another vantage point to help us understand the wear that the watch may have had.
rolex service
It is helpful to photograph any detail included on paperwork that is specific to your watch. This includes model numbers, serial numbers (feel free to obscure part of the serial number if you feel more comfortable), the name of the authorised dealer, location of origin and original purchase date.
rolex service
Submitting photos of any defects is really useful when helping us arrive at the most realistic of offers. This picture features an issue with a crown becoming completely detached from the movement. This is a picture that a potential seller sent us.