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If you have bought a Rolex from us in the past and would to get serviced we are here to help. We organise a very seamless service so that you have the maximum convenience possible. Our servicing costs are the cheapest in Ireland and the quality of work is exceptional.

  • Prices to service your Rolex start from as little as €250 but prices vary depending on the model.
  • Our Rolex Service expert is trained by Rolex and has over 35 years experience with Rolex Watches.
  • We offer a 2 year guarantee on our Rolex Service to give you peace of mind.

What's included in our Rolex Service

The points below are a summary of the steps we take in servicing your Rolex watch. There may be many other steps depending on the level of complication associated with your watch, or the state of repair it is in when we get it.

  • Having carfefully detached the bracelet from the case, we then open the back of the case and remove the movement. We then methodically disassemble the movement, taking each and every part and component apart. Then, ultrasonically clean each piece.
  • We inspect each part to identify those that need to be replaced. If something needs to be replaced, we will contact you for approval before changing the piece unless prior approval was given. Only authentic Rolex parts are used in our services.
  • When all internal parts are completely ready we reassemble the movement and lubricate it to keep the movement working smoothly.
  • After reassembly we test the precision of your Rolex, making sure it’s within Rolex’s accuracy parameters for the model in question. The testing process is the most time intensive part of your service, taking on average 3 days.
  • Please note we will never polish your watch unless specifically asked to.
  • Your watch will have one last manual inspection before it is sent back to you. We provide a service receipt with your watch detailing what work was carried out.

If you'd like to get a quote for your specific watch please fill in your details below. Perhaps you would like to get some information on how best to care for and maintain your Rolex? If so This Article might help you.

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Office Address

We are based in Malahide Co.Dublin and while viewings/meetings are by appointment only you can drop your watch off in person at any stage once have a reference number from us(available after we give you a quote). Our service centre is in our UK office and if you happen to be in the area you are also free to drop your watch there.

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