Rolex cleaning tips

Cleaning your Rolex can be done at home and with a little care, attention and patience the results can produce showroom finishes.

What you need to Clean your Rolex:

  • A bowl of luke warm water
  • A small amount of mild liquid soap
  • A soft small towel
  • 2 microfibre cloths
  • A soft bristled toothbrush

Prepare the Area
Before you take off your watch off to clean it, you should prepare the area. To do this lay a hand towel out on a flat surface. Next fill the bowl with 300ml of luke warm water. Have your mild soap to hand.

Prepare your watch
Before attempting to clean your Rolex there is a quick 4 point checklist to go through.

  • Open the clasp on your watch: It is a good idea to open the clasp out when your hands are still dry, you would be amazed at the number of Rolex Repairs that are sent as a result of a watch being dropped when someone is attempting to clean them.
  • Check the Crown is in the Fully Closed Position: failure to do so could result in serious water damage to your movement and very costly replacement of parts of your Rolex movement or the replacement of the movement in full.
  • Check the water resistance associated with your watch: Due to Rolex's amazing oyster case it is fair to say that the vast majority of Rolex watches are water resistant, most to 100m but always check this before you first clean your Rolex. Your handbook or a quick check on the Rolex site will be able to tell you, to how many metres your Rolex is water resistant.
  • Does your watch have any custom work done to it? Enhancements like a diamond bezel can render the water resistance promise null and void. So if you have had custom work done to the bezel, lugs or case of your watch Do Not Clean it with Water.
  • Lastly be aware that no watch will remain water resistant for ever: we recommend having the water resistance level of your Rolex checked every 2 years. That said if you have given your watch a heavy bump or knock it is good to be aware that while no external damage might show, and no functional issues appear this sort of impact could displace a seal or gasket which could well result in degraded water resistance levels.
  • If you are happy to proceed at this stage place your Rolex on the towel near to your bowl of water.

Clean your Rolex carefully

  • Wet your cloth and squeeze a tiny amount of the soap onto your cloth.
  • Rinse off excess bubbles and begin gently rubbing the cloth into and around the crystal, bezel, case and lugs. Ensure that your dry towel is under your hands as you hold your Rolex for cleaning-if it slips it will have a softer landing.
  • If there are areas that you are having trouble accessing, potentially in the groves of a bracelet, feel free to dip the soft bristled brush into the water and to gently massage the offending area to remove the dirt.
  • Often the case is one of the most unclean parts of your watch. So it's often a good idea to use a dry corner of the cloth to wipe off some of this dirt before washing it.
  • When your watch has been cleaned set it down on the towel and replace the water in your bowl with fresh clean luke warm water.
  • When you return to the towelled area where your watch sits, pick up the watch and cup water over the watch until you are happy that you have rinsed all the soap off.
  • To dry your watch, pick up the second micro fibre cloth and gently rub and pat your watch dry. Don't strain at the links on your bracelet as this will impact stretch.
  • .....And you're done- one Rolex in fabulous condition again.

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